AG Sessions: Guantanamo Bay is "A Very Fine Place"

Posted: Mar 09, 2017 2:00 PM

Attorney General Jeff Sessions reassured Americans on Thursday that Guantanamo Bay, Cuba will continue to serve as a detention facility for enemies of the United States, calling it a “very fine place.” 

During an interview with Hugh Hewitt, Sessions dismissed the idea of giving non-citizen, enemy combatants of the United States due process and constitutional rights.

“It is time for us in the months to come to get this thing figured out and start using it in an effective way,” he said. “In general, I don’t think we’re better off bringing these people to federal court in New York and trying them in federal court where they get discovery rights to find out our intelligence, and get court-appointed lawyers and things of that nature.”

Sessions visited Guantanamo Bay several times during his time in Congress, and believes that the purpose it serves is "perfectly acceptable."

“I’ve been there a number of times as a senator, and it’s just a very fine place for holding these kind of dangerous criminals,” he said. “We’ve spent a lot of money fixing it up. And I’m inclined to the view that it remains a perfectly acceptable place.”