Iran Launches Advanced Rockets During Major Military Exercise

Posted: Feb 20, 2017 10:00 AM

Iran's elite Revolutionary Guard held military drills on Monday, despite sanctions and deterrence from the United States.

The Islamic military launched "several sophisticated rockets during military exercises," according to the Associated Press.

The launch of the "smart and advanced" rockets came during a three-day drill which began on Monday in Iran. "The maneuvers called 'Grand Prophet 11' will start Monday and last three days," General Mohammad Pakpour said.

According to the report:

The Islamic republic said the exercises were aimed at demonstrating Iran's "complete preparedness to deal with the threats" and "humiliating sanctions" from Washington.

Since the beginning of 2017, Iran's leadership has threatened the United States on a weekly basis.  

Most recently, an Iranian filmmaker announced the release of a full-length animated movie in which the Iranian government destroys a U.S. Navy fleet with ballistic missiles and nuclear warheads. 

"They all sink and the film ends as the American ships have turned into an aquarium for fishes at the bottom of the sea," Director Farhad Azima said.

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