President Trump Addresses the GOP: We are Bound by God to Give Our Full Devotion to the People

Posted: Jan 26, 2017 2:00 PM

President Donald Trump gave a motivating victory speech to his fellow party members at the GOP retreat in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on Thursday.

He began his speech reminding Republicans how the mainstream media declared Pennsylvania a lock for the Democratic Party in the 2016 election.

"They said we had no path to victory in Pennsylvania," Trump said.

Trump seemed frustrated that his commerce secretary has yet to be confirmed in the Senate.  Instead of having his pick, Wilbur Ross, to assist him in his meeting with British Prime Minister Theresa May on Friday, Trump said "I'll have to handle it myself."

He then reminded elected officials that it's their job to fulfill the wishes of the American people.

"We have to deliver on the promises to the American people," he said.  "It's time we had a president who fights for this country."

Trump ended his speech by looking into the crowd of elected officials and reminding them of their sacred duty.  

"All of us are bound by duty and bound by God to give our full devotion to this country and its people," he said.

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