President-Elect Trump: Yes, We're Going to Start Saying Merry Christmas Again

Posted: Dec 14, 2016 11:30 AM

The hundreds of millions of Americans living in the United States will soon find solace in saying "merry Christmas" once again as President-elect Donald Trump enters the White House.  During his "thank you" tour in Wisconsin Tuesday night, Trump, joined by a line of Christmas trees, said that America would once again be unafraid to say "merry Christmas." 

"So when I started 18 months ago, I told my first crowd in Wisconsin that we are going to come back here someday and we are going to say merry Christmas again," he said to cheers. "Merry Christmas. So, merry Christmas everyone. Happy New Year, but merry Christmas. And I am here today for one main reason: to say thank you to the people of Wisconsin."

During a rally in Michigan, Trump also reminded his supporters that the Christmas spirit is on a comeback. 

"Merry Christmas, everybody, merry Christmas!" he said. "Right? Merry Christmas."

"We’re gonna start saying ‘merry Christmas’ again," Trump told the Michigan audience. "How about all those department stores, they have the bells and they have the red walls and they have the snow, but they don’t have 'merry Christmas'? I think they’re gonna start putting up ‘merry Christmas.'"

Barack Obama has never been in favor of saying "merry Christmas" and made sure to continue the trend of his administration for this year's holiday season.