Weak GOP Leaders Can't Keep Their Word, Forced to Jump Back On the Trump Train

Posted: Oct 12, 2016 2:30 PM

It is amazing to watch the GOP leadership in Washington, D.C. squeal when they're faced with the least bit of adversity.  

On Friday night, the 'left' launched a surprise attack that sent the elite media and elite politicians into scapegoating frenzy.  Paul Ryan disinvited Republican nominee Donald Trump from a campaign fundraiser, Sen. Deb Fischer said it would be wise for him to step down, and Rep. Bradley Byrne and Sen. John Thune also told the nominee to step aside.  

And now what?

You guessed it.  These establishment politicians are re-evaluating their professional political careers and are now re-endorsing Donald Trump.

Byrne, in his Saturday statement, said Trump "cannot defeat" Clinton and urged him to "step aside and allow" Pence, the Indiana governor, to "lead the Republican ticket."

But after Sunday's debate performance and a not so friendly conference call between GOP leaders Monday morning, these three politicians have decided to retreat.

Fischer has since "clarified" her statements saying "I support the Republican ticket, and it's a Trump-Pence ticket."

A spokesperson for Byrne has since said that "he will support the Republican ticket on Election Day, as he has pledged to do all along."

And during an interview with a South Dakota newspaper, Thune said he is voting for Donald Trump.  "He has a lot of work to do, I think, to win this election. But I’m certainly not going to vote for Hillary Clinton," the Republican said.

This is Washington, D.C. folks, plain and simple.  These are the men and women who represent your bests interests, with fierce loyalty and devotion.