Louie Gohmert: What Has This GOP Congress Done? Nothing...We Need to Get on Board with Trump

Posted: Oct 11, 2016 2:45 PM

Rep. Louie Gohmert of Texas admitted some tough truths on Tuesday morning during an interview with Fox News. The truths that establishment Republicans refuse to accept, and truths that Donald Trump supporters refuses to ignore.

The Republican Party in this Congress has done absolutely nothing to prevent the spread of radical liberalism throughout America and reign in the executive office.   

"In this Congress, we have been lied to, crimes have been committed in front of and against Congress and what have we done?  Nothing," Gohmert said describing the ineffectiveness of a majority Republican House.  

"No one, not Lois Lerner, not Koskinen, not Eric Holder, people that have lied to Congress and destroyed evidence and obstructed justice... What have we done? Nothing," he said again. 

Gohmert said that is a fallacy to believe that the next Congress will be able to reign in Hillary Clinton as president.  "If the GOP can't reign in this administration, then it's not going to happen in the next," he promised.  

He also added that during a Republican conference call Monday morning between Speaker Paul Ryan and House leadership, 11 of the12 members who were involved in the conversation stood for Donald Trump.  Gohmert was one of the 11 and said that "we need to get on board... it's all in or it's nothing."