Religious Equality: Obama Admits 12,486 Muslims and 68 Christians to the US in 2016

Posted: Oct 03, 2016 11:45 AM

In a world where everyone must be equal and religious tolerance is now mandatory law, Barack Obama has invited 12,486 Muslims into the United States in 2016, while only deeming 68 Christians worthy of admission.  

Of the 12,486, the vast majority are Sunni Muslims – 12,363 (98.2 percent) – while another 103 are identified as simply Muslims and a further 20 as Shi’a Muslims.

A concerning number of people coming from Syria (the bulk of refugees admitted into the United States) have been labeled by the United Nations.  According to the report, 4,806,702 million Syrians are registered as “persons of concern” in Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq and North Africa. 

Over the course of the Syrian civil war that began in 2011, the U.S. has resettled a total of 14,460 Syrian refugees – 87 percent of them in 2016.  Of those 14,460, 14,082 (97.3 percent) are Sunnis, 196 (1.3 percent) are Shi’a and other Muslims, and 124 (0.8 percent) are Christians.  The rest are 25 Yazidis, six Zoroastrians, three atheists, two Baha’i, 14 refugees with “other” religion and eight with “no religion.”

With this mark, Obama has successfully admitted the most refugees to the United States in 17 years.

A new map released in August shows exactly which states received the refugees.  States like California, Arizona, Texas, and Michigan all received in excess of 500 refugees.  Alabama, Mississippi, North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, Arkansas, Delaware, and Vermont all received none.