Mr. Brexit "Strongly Thinks Trump Will Win"

Posted: Sep 22, 2016 2:00 PM

The man who helped orchestrate this year's most significant international decision is predicting that Republican nominee Donald Trump will win the U.S. presidential election.  

“I think Brexit is the first kickback against the establishment. It’s not a British event, it’s not a European event. It’s a global event and I think it has implications for every Western democracy. In the case of America – absolutely,” he told Reuters.

He parallel Washington, D.C. and Belgium as two distant lands filled with bureaucrats who do not represent the people that elected them.  

“There are people in America who look at Washington, who look at the lobby and the power of big business, who look at the detachment of a political class from them and their lives in a very similar way to how many of us saw Brussels,” Farage said.

 “I now strongly think Trump will win,”  he clarified.  And if that happens, Farage says that it will be huge.  

"It would be Brexit on a bigger scale," he said. "It would be the outsider who comes into politics, that is loathed and condemned by the professional media and political elite but proved to be a winner."