Trump Outflanks CNN, Uses Free Airtime to Show the World America's 'Deplorable' Warriors

Posted: Sep 16, 2016 2:30 PM

Donald Trump just used one of his classic surprise attacks the media, and it has CNN furious.  

During what was supposed to be a press conference dedicated to Barack Obama and his place of birth, Trump instead used the platform to demonstrate to the world the toughness and vision of America's future.  

Numerous generals and admirals took the stage with Trump, along with two Medal of Honor recipients who pledged their support to Trump and remonstrated Barack Obama.  

One of my personal favorite American heroes, Mike Thornton, said that "we cannot stand four more years of leadership like (Barack Obama's), we need someone who is going to lead from the front like Donald Trump."

Thornton knows a thing or two about leadership.  On October 31, 1972, he and his fellow Navy SEAL Tom Norris were engaged in a rescue mission of a downed American pilot in North Vietnamese territory.  It was late at night just along the oceans edge when a group of 300 Vietnamese troops tried to overrun their position.  According to the details from Thornton's Medal of Honor transcript, he did the unthinkable after Norris had been seriously injured during the firefight.  

Upon learning that the Senior Advisor had been hit by enemy fire and was was believed to be dead, PO Thornton returned through a hail of fire to the lieutenant's last position; quickly disposed of 2 enemy soldiers about to overrun the position, and succeeded in removing the seriously wounded and unconscious Senior Naval Advisor to the water's edge. He then inflated the lieutenant's lifejacket and towed him seaward for approximately 2 hours until picked up by support craft.

Barack Obama and CNN thought they finally had Trump just where they wanted him, begging for forgiveness and publicly shaming himself.  Instead, the American people heard for 20 short minutes the pride that many of Clinton's "deplorable" Americans have for their country.  

Maybe Clinton will think twice next time before calling people like Mike Thornton "deplorable."