Failure: 500 People Murdered In Chicago This Year Under Obama's Presidency

Posted: Sep 06, 2016 10:00 AM

Chicago's 500th homicide of the year happened over Labor Day weekend, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Thirteen people were shot to death in Chicago over the long weekend, and 31 of the 65 people shot were wounded between 6 a.m. Monday and 3 a.m. Tuesday. 

Crystal Myer, one of the 65 who were shot, received a bullet in the abdomen while nine months pregnant.  

Federal holidays have proven to be the deadliest in Chicago.  Memorial Day weekend saw 69 shot, six of them fatally, and the Fourth of July weekend recorded 66 shot, five of them fatal.

Chicago is the perfect example of Obama's failed 'gun-control' theory. He truly believes that if the government restricts gun ownership, murder rates will drop.  However, most homicides in Chicago are gun-related. There are nearly 82 shootings per week.  His argument that 'gun-free' zones are the answer to prevent violence in cities like Chicago is simply wrong.  

Obama has abandoned Chicago.  He rarely returns to the troubled city to work on the issues, instead he lives a privileged life in Martha's Vineyard when he is not traveling the world.  

African-Americans are being routed in Obama's America.  They have been ostracized by society.  More African-Americans are on food stamps now than ever. When Obama took office, 7,393,000 African-Americans were on food stamps.  That number has risen to to 11,699,000.  African-Americans are treated as second rate citizens.  The social experiment that Obama has imposed upon black communities needs to end  because it quite simply has has failed.