Leaked Soros Memo Lobbied Obama to Accept 100,000 Refugees

Posted: Aug 18, 2016 6:00 PM

Barack Obama may not have compromised the United States for personal financial gain, but one could argue that he certainly has been open for influence by radical left-wing donors.  

According to a report released on Thursday, George Soros's Open Society Institute successfully influenced Obama to increase the total number of refugees taken into the United States to 100,000 each year.   Soros also urged Obama to provide more financing to overseas refugee efforts.  

The memo states:

Over the course of several weeks, we, along with our colleagues in the Washington office led by Stephen Rickard, combined to undertake very active efforts to support a request to the Administration to provide a special allocation of an additional 100,000 refugee slots for Syrians and significantly expanded resources for international aid efforts. George Soros made such a request to President Obama in a recent letter, and 18 mayors across America are committed to welcoming refugees to their cities in numbers surpassing the administration’s proposal.

Another report claims that Soros tried to influence a Supreme Court decision regarding immigration.  And according to Fox News, he personally wrote Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in 2011 urging intervention in Albania’s political unrest. Sure enough, an envoy he recommended was dispatched to the region within days.