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Marcus Luttrell Challenges Americans: "Who Among You will Love Something More than You Love Yourself?"

Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell took the stage on Monday night representing Donald Trump's theme of keeping America safe during the opening night of the Republican National Convention.  

In an erie display of true patriotism, Luttrell got visibly choked up several times during his speech.  You could tell that he was upset with the current condition of his country.  

“I got to spend time with Mr. Trump and I know he understands what it’s going to take to fix this. The only way we’re going to keep America safe is with an elite military,” he said.  

Luttrell noted that he wasn’t used to reading a speech from a teleprompter and decided to “speak from the heart.”

"The only way survive this is together, not apart. In order for any life to matter, we all have to matter. To the next generation, this is for you.  Your war is here, you don’t have to go searching for it,” Luttrell explained off script. “Who among you will love something more than you love yourself? Who among you are going to step up and take the fight to the enemy... because it's here.  I challenge all of you to fight for this country and each and every one of us.” 

After speaking to Marcus several months ago, I fully understand the challenge that he has placed with my generation.  There are many millennials who believe that there own social image, happiness, and career come before their country.  They would be more than willing to sell themselves out before sacrificing for their country.  

Hopefully this is a wake-up call to the majority of people who talk the talk, but very seldom walk the walk.  

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