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Hold On Tight: Establishment Candidate John Kasich Allies Looking to Snag Nomination, "The Way Is Clear"

In a Sunday night email, former New Hampshire Sen. Gordon Humphrey asked several prominent John Kasich allies to contact the governor directly and urge him to overthrow Donnald Trump at the GOP convention in Cleveland.


"Given our shared effort in the Kasich campaign, I am sure you agree," Humphrey wrote. "But, John needs encouragement to make the move. Please email John and offer him your encouragement and continued backing... The way is clear for John. It's not going to get better than this, but time is of the essence. Please take a moment to encourage him right now."

In a recent column for the #NeverTrump ringleader, Bill Kristol, called on Kasich and 2012 presidential nominee Mitt Romney to "have a conversation very soon and agree that one of them will announce this week that he is willing to compete for the nomination after the convention has disposed of Donald Trump."

Kasich is not expected to speak at the convention, despite his post as governor of Ohio.

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