Gingrich Speaks at Trump Rally: "Politicians Talk About Changing Washington...This Guy's Gonna Kick Over the Table"

Posted: Jul 07, 2016 8:30 AM

During a campaign event in Ohio on Wednesday night, For Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich introduced the Republican nominee Donald Trump, marking the first time Gingrich has opened for the businessman, just days before Trump said he would announce his vice presidential pick.  

"I cannot imagine a more vivid proof of corruption than the steps that go from the Bill Clinton accidental airport meeting to the Saturday of the 4th of July weekend interview the attorney general this afternoon announcing with great surprise that she accepts the FBI director's total sellout of the American system," Gingrich said.

He explained how the Clinton email probe was a small piece of a broader development in the country of “two Americas” in which there is the “corrupt Washington of the old order” and “the rest of us.”

“I say to you, ‘Enough!’ " he said.

"Is there a single person here who believes that if you had done what Hillary Clinton had done then you would not be prosecuted?" Gingrich asked.

And just before formally announcing Trump to the stage, Gingrich said, "Here's the reality.  The difference between all the folks who went out and talked and Donald Trump, is that he has had a lifetime of creating jobs, a lifetime of building buildings, and a lifetime of getting things done.  Everybody talks about how they'd like to change Washington a little bit and calm the situation, this guy's gonna kick over the table."  

Watch the full introduction here: