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Jeff Sessions: "Walls Weren't Built in Jerusalem to Keep People In"

Washington, D.C.- Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) spoke on Friday at the Faith and Freedom Conference and highlighted the failed immigration policy and the challenging future of the Supreme Court.


He started by saying that he told his Senate colleagues years ago that the American people were not happy.  

"We have received more labor than we can absorb," he said.

"I think the American people are fundamentally correct," in being less than pleased with immigration policies he said.

Walls in Jerusalem were "not built to keep people in."  He told the evangelical audience that the idea of nations not establishing borders is not biblical.

He went on to mention the importance of this year's Supreme Court vacancy.  

"The Supreme Court is tied four-to-four," he said. "We have two branches up for stakes in this year's election."

He grilled Justice Sotomayor for once saying that there is no objectivity on the bench, just perspectives.

"Once they take that philosophy, they are no longer legally bound," he said.

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