ISIS Fighter Begs to Die: "I Must Be in Heaven by 4 PM, Kill Me"

Posted: May 13, 2016 3:10 PM

An ISIS fighter detained by Kurdish forces in Northern Iraq begged his captors to kill him right away because he did not want to be late for a 4 p.m. religious ceremony in heaven, according to a Fox News report.  

The fighter was captured in the town of Tel Askuf, just north of the ISIS stronghold Mosul and location of where U.S. Navy Petty Officer 1st Class Charles Keating was shot and killed last week.

“They were supposed to commit suicide using their suicide belts because today is the anniversary of the Isra and Mi’iraj celebration," Peshmerga Lt. Col. Salim ak-Surji reportedly told the Turkish News Agency Rudaw.  “He told me ‘all of us must be in heaven by 4 p.m., kill me,” the officer said.

The celebration of Isra and Mi'iraj is significant to Muslims because it represents Prophet Muhammad’s night journey and ascent into heaven to receive instruction from Allah.

Apparently the fighter was amongst a group of dead bodies being bull-dozed into a grave until he was spotted moving his ankle.

“I put my hand on his chest and found that he was breathing,” Surji was quoted as saying. “He was also conscious and talking. His explosive belt had not detonated and he was hurt in his ankle due to the explosion of one of his comrades. He was able to walk. He told me ‘you are infidels, kill me.’”

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