Bobby Knight: Trump and I are "Going to Try and Beat Your A** Every Time We Can"

Posted: Apr 28, 2016 1:00 PM

In a great exchange between a World War II veteran and legendary basketball coach Bobby Knight on Fox News Wednesday night, the veteran was comforted and reminded that there are still those of us who put a premium on winning in this country.  

The mood was set by a World War II veteran standing next to a microphone in the audience wearing his black World War II service hat and softly asking, "Mr. Trump, how would you compare your successful career and philosophy with coach Knight?"

Knight interjected after Trump answered and said, "Let me say another thing about Mr. Trump."

"I think we're a little bit alike in that regard.  If we're involved in something where we want to win, and particularly something that's necessary, if there's something out there where we need to win, we're going to try and beat your a** every time we can."

This exchanged highlighted a truth that conservatives and Republicans have been missing for years.  The collective party has become so settled with attempts, tries, good efforts, and almost that they have completely forgotten what it means to win.