Donald Trump Lays Out Foreign Policy Goals in Speech

Posted: Apr 27, 2016 1:50 PM

In one of his most direct and informative press conferences to date, Donald Trump spoke on Wednesday in at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington about foreign policy and the overall direction of the United States.

He started his speech by reminding Americans of the great victories our country achieved in World War II and the Cold War, and then segued into his plan to improve America's standing throughout the world. 

Trump had five main points about how American foreign policy during the Obama administration has weakened the U.S. on an international playing field, and outlined how he plans on fixing these errors as president.

1.  Our resources have become over extended and there is little accountability.

2.  Countries are ripping off the U.S. by not paying for the security we provide.

3.  Iran's ability to create their own nuclear missiles has reached an all time high.

4.  Rivals of the U.S. no longer have any respect or deterrence when conducting international actions.

5.  The U.S. no longer has clear and coherent foreign policy goals.

He ripped the Obama and Clinton regime saying that is has been detrimental to the middle east.  

One of his strongest lines was when he declared that, "ISIS' days are numbered. I wont tell them where, I wont tell them how."

Overall, we saw a more presidential Trump, and heard a very informative and direct plan for his foreign policy agenda.