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Republican frontrunner has done what the experts and establishment elites declared to be impossible.  A recent NBC poll shows that he has gained support of at least 50 percent of the Republican voters in throughout the country.  


This milestone is significant as we enter the fourth quarter of the primary season, as there has been intense speculation that Trump's support has a ceiling. 

According to the report, this week's 6-point swing — Trump up 4 points, Cruz and Kasich down 2 points — is the biggest weekly shift in the poll so far. 

It was only two months ago that Trey Gowdy, a supporter of Marco Rubio, declared that Trump would not reach 50 percent.  This was the same mind that the American people entrusted to question Hillary Clinton in the Benghazi hearings and compel the Justice Department to press charges.  What happened with that? Dropping the ball during this critical moment in American history will be duly noted.  

However, Gowdy is not the only one who completely failed at understanding the overall mood of the American people.  As soon as this race is complete, thousands of Washington D.C. elites will go through a gut check and be forced to decide if they will continue the #nevertrump tragedy.  

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