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Homeowner Faces Jail Time for Flying Trump Flag

A homeowner in New Jersey is facing 90 days in jail and $2,000 in fines for flying the 'Make America Great Again' flag in his front yard both day and night.  Joe Hornick has been flying Republican frontrunner Donald Trump's campaign motto outside his West Long Branch home on a busy corner near the Monmouth University campus for months according to NBC 4 in New York.


He recently received a ticket citing him for illegally posting political signage more than 30 days before an election. 

"I'm not a football fan, I'm not a sports fan, but I'm surely a Donald Trump fan," he said.  "I'm not taking the flag down, and if I do 90 days in jail, I'll do 90 days in jail."

He has had the flag ripped down at least five times by protesters and he said, "Let them come, let them rip those flags down because I have a warehouse on alert, and I'll put up a flag every time they tear one down."

If Trump loses, Hornick says he'll shred his voter registration card and never vote again... and keep flying the flag.

New Jersey is also the place where a man flew an ISIS flag in one neighborhood and had a woman defending his right to fly the flag with arabic writing, 'There is only one god, Allah, and the prophet Muhammad is his messenger.'

'I'm more concerned about the crazy people saying they're going to retaliate and set his house on fire,' she said. 'They're the extremists.'

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