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Highlights from CNN's Final Five: Kasich, Cruz, Trump, Clinton, and Sanders

On Monday night, CNN's Anderson Cooper and Wolf Blitzer sat down with each presidential candidate of the 2016 election cycle and questioned them on recent topics making headlines, especially Monday's AIPAC conference.  


John Kasich made his point that we cannot have a two-state solution until Hezbollah and Hamas recognize Israel.  He also said that he would prefer to move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem but that it was not a priority. He also eluded to the fact that politics are more complicated and nuanced than making deals in business.  

Ted Cruz was interviewed by Wolf Blitzer and aimed his crosshairs at Republican frontrunner Donald Trump. He said that Trump's entire campaign is based on a lie and the he will not stand up to Washington.  Cruz said that he and Trump were the only two candidates with a viable chance at winning the nomination of the Republican Party. 

Donald Trump said that we should rethink our involvement in NATO and that we are paying too much.  Trump hit Hillary Clinton on her failures in Libya and the mass migration that has taken place over the past year.  He said that the United Nations should stay out of the deal making process between Israel and Palestine.  He also said that Barack Obama was the worst thing possible for Israel.  He addressed his remarks on women revealed in the latest attack ad by saying that most of that language was from his time in show business.


Hillary Clinton hit Donald Trump on his rhetoric and said that you never know what Trump you will get.  She said that she brought Israeli and Palestinian leaders together and said that moving the embassy would endanger Israel even more.  She supports Obama's plan to unite the U.S. and Cuba in some sort of resolution. She said she would not apply subsidies for undocumented immigrants to buy health care.  She also went on to say that, "any horse-race poll this far out is meaningless."

Bernie Sanders was not able to attend in person but was able to give a video interview.  He agreed with the other four candidates by saying that Israel's security and independence must remain intact.  However, he said that there is enough blame to go around on both sides.  He said that Saudi Arabia has put money into terrorist organizations and that America is not the police of the world.  

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