60 Minutes Releases Footage of Crew Being Attacked by Migrants

Posted: Mar 21, 2016 9:35 AM

"We have been individually attacked.  Some men have been punched.  The producer's been punched.  You've been run over, the cameraman.  We've all been assaulted and insulted.  It's best we leave.

This is what lead correspondent Liz Hayes of 60 Minutes Australia had to say after a peaceful day in Sweden took a turn for the worse.  After more than three weeks of debate on whether or not to release the footage, Hayes and her film crew were in the heavily migrated area of Stockholm when they encountered their first group of Muslim men from East Africa in the most unpleasant way.  

As the film crew was preparing to enter the town, Muslim men leaving a nearby parking lot threatened the group and ran over one of the cameraman.  

However, Hayes and her crew decided to push on an enter the town square, this time with protection from the police.  Things seemed peaceful in the beginning, but as soon as the police left, young Arab men approached the group and violence ensued.  

Covering their faces with garbs, the men attacked the cameramen and crew unprovoked.  Hayes tried to intervene herself and calm the situation, but even she was unable to cease the anger.  

Watch the full encounter below: