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Easy Teddy, 'Low Information Voters' Pay Your Salary

Wow, what a strategic campaign tactic. 

Much like his tactics in the Senate, Ted Cruz has decided to alienate those who disagree with him and claim that he is relatively smarter than "a certain demographic" who support Republican frontrunner Donald Trump.  


Easy Teddy, you just insulted people in Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Virginia, South Carolina, Nevada, Michigan, Hawaii, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, and Kentucky.  

Last time I checked, there are quite a few veterans who come out of that little section you call the southeast, but surely you were not insulting them, just those other people right?  They may not read the same information about Obamacare that you read, and have failed to defund, but they know a thing or two about America.  Heck, these are the people who pay your salary, your vacation time, your sick days, and your health and dental insurance. Without them, there is no Senator Ted Cruz.  

Back in the old days, Senators were elected into office to represent the people, not diminish their intelligence.  You have failed as a Senator to accomplish anything for the people of the United States.  You have not defunded Obamacare, you have not defeated ISIS, you did not stop the Omnibus bill, you haven't done, well, anything you promised.  


If those 'low information voters' would just get out the way, you would be 'cruzin to victory' as they say.  

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