Trump Victory Speech, Dominates Key States, Major Statement Made

Posted: Mar 08, 2016 9:45 PM

Just when you thought you had the champ rattled, he bounces back hard and puts you on the ropes.  In Tuesday night's Republican primaries, Donald Trump had one of his strongest nights yet.  Mississippi and Michigan fell quickly to the Republican frontrunner and he stole the spotlight with one of his best press conferences yet.

From the beginning of his speech, Trump attacked all those who made anti-Trump adds and said that they wasted millions of dollars.

"38 million dollars worth of horrible lies," Trump said.  

"We have democrats coming over, independents coming over, and with all of these people coming over we're going to have something really special."

"Ted is going to have a hard time."

"There's only one who did well tonight, Donald Trump."