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Despite the disgusting attack against Donald Trump over the weekend which labeled him a 'racist,' the American people have spoken and once again rallied against this foolishness which is the Establishment.


For years, politicians and media from the left have used the term 'racist' unsparingly to end all arguments of just about anything.  Whenever there is a debate of welfare, Muslim immigration, or even the name of a professional football team, the term 'racist' is used as the final word in all arguments and is the easiest way to destroy someone's public reputation.  Donald Trump has finally broken through that barrier and proved that ridiculous accusations mean very little to most Americans.  

The battle will continue between the Establishment and Trump, and the American people will continue to stand behind the Republican frontrunner.  

The 'racist' attack is a clear sign of desperation in any argument and is the last resort in a debate when you are being soundly beaten.  The Establishment has learned this nifty trick from the left.  However, these attacks do not work against Donald Trump because they do not work against the American people.  The only group that falls into this trap and constantly feels the need to defend themselves is the GOP.  


If you support Donald Trump, you are thankful for the delusional qualities that the GOP prides themselves on.  Marco Rubio believes he is in the lead of this race and will continue to campaign and consume votes from Ted Cruz.  Cruz believes that Rubio is not in the race and constantly attacks Trump while Rubio takes half of his perspective votes.  This is the GOP ladies and gentlemen; this is how they operate and this is why the American people are fed up.

New Hampshire, South Carolina, Nevada, Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Tennessee, Virginia, and Vermont all know that the GOP as we know it is about to change.  It is time that we stop defending what America stands for, and we start imposing the truth of what America is.

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