Super Tuesday: Trump Up Big in Alabama, Cruz Leaves Town

Posted: Feb 25, 2016 1:45 PM

In a new poll released on Wednesday, Donald Trump holds another massive lead over Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz.  In the State of Alabama (50 delegates), Master Image finds Donald Trump polling at 36 percent while Rubio and Cruz come in at 19 and 12 respectively.  That would mean Trump holds a 3 to 1 lead over Ted Cruz who was prepared to use the south as a firewall against Donald Trump.  

With this news, the Cruz campaign has abandoned Alabama and is directing its attention elsewhere. 

The Cruz campaign told Yellowhammer Wednesday night they are pulling out of the Presidential Forum set to be held at Samford University in Birmingham on Saturday, and will not be holding any other events in Alabama ahead of election day. 

Master Image President Joe Sanders said he is “confident this survey is an accurate sample of Alabama Republicans one week out of the March 1 primary.  Trump’s popularity in Alabama continues the trend we see elsewhere.  Trump’s numbers appear to be a few points lower than other southern states, but in line with what should happen on March 1, considering almost one in five voters remain undecided.”

Trump is also holds an enormous in the State of Massachusetts.