Trump Exposing the GOP, A Large Group of Delusional and Incompetent Politicians

Posted: Feb 24, 2016 7:50 AM

Donald Trump is exposing the truth about the GOP.  Our conservative party is led by delusional and incompetent politicians who cannot win at anything.  A 15 year war, two trillion in funding that war, thousands of American lives sacrificed, and absolutely nothing to show for it is what the GOP has done for America. We need to start admitting the truth if we want to restore America to the powerhouse it once was.

For years, we have been told by numerous politicians that they would 'shake-up' Washington, D.C.  None of those who made the promises have done anything.  Obama has completely manhandled the weak House of Representatives and Senate and Americans are finally fed up.  Everything the media has said is either a lie or completely wrong; out of respect, I will choose to believe the latter.  

Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio refuse to get out of each other's way, and therefore, Trump continues to dominate all parts of this country. This is but a small sample of what has been going on in Washington for the past 8 to 16 years; politicians putting their own personal status above the common good for the country.  Americans are fed up and have absolutely no trust in the Republican Establishment.  

In nine months, Donald Trump has undoubtedly changed the political nightmare that has consumed this country.  Donald Trump single handedly destroyed the Jeb Bush campaign and did so with ease.  He is making a mockery of the two first term Senators and is on a clear path to winning the Republican nomination.

America, this is but a small sample of the 'shake-up' that you have been yearning for.  Donald Trump does not just say he is going to change things, he already has. From the north to south to the far west, Trump has catapulted his way to victory practically by himself. He has exposed the GOP for what we all thought it was, and for what some of us already knew it was.

Donald Trump is not perfect and has many flaws.  However, Donald Trump is real.  He does what he says and makes politicians quiver in their shallow shoes.  There will never be another Donald Trump and maybe we should think twice before throwing him away.