Trump Lands In Las Vegas, Latest Polls +20

Posted: Feb 22, 2016 9:30 AM

Republican frontrunner Donald Trump landed in Las Vegas Monday morning where he plans to seal a victory in the Nevada caucus.  

The latest poll numbers from February show Donald Trump leading 45 to 19 in a CNN/ORC poll, and 39 to 23 in the Gravis poll.  Marco Rubio averages 19 percent of the vote in Nevada.

Trump has long a long history with Vegas and its distinct bravado, especially in the sport of boxing.  Apparently in the 1980s, mainstream boxing was only held in Las Vegas, but Trump challenged that notion and held many prime time fights in his Trump Plaza hotel.

John Lepak wrote:

Trump brought his knack for dealmaking to the Boardwalk and in less than one year’s time, he was the dominate player in boxing, eclipsing the longtime ruler of the boxing empire, Caesars Palace. In 1985, the Trump Era officially began with Trump Castle and with it, also ended the state luxury tax as well as cutting the remaining event tax by 50%. By May of 1986, with the Trump Plaza up and running only three months later, the property hosted a young Mike Tyson vs. Jose Ribalta for a modest site fee of $100,000 in the ballroom, broadcast on HBO.

Donald Trump is criticized for basically anything he ever did or said in his past.  The critics analyze ten second sound bites from 30 plus years ago and are not afraid to use it against him.  Unfortunately, the media rarely mentions any of his past challenges and risks, most of which he won.  It seems as though in this new age, success is measured by your ability to become a politician and make a career of it.