Video: ISIS Has One of Our Reconnaissance Drones

Posted: Feb 02, 2016 12:55 PM

Partially because of all the election news this week, the fact that ISIS has somehow obtained one of our reconnaissance drones has slipped under the radar.  

This video, which was first released on Sunday, appears to show a RQ-7B Shadow tied down to an ISIS pick-up truck.  

After some research, I found that this unmanned arial vehicle is produced by Aircraft Armaments, Inc. based out of Hunt Valley, Maryland.  

Luckily, a drone like this one is used for nothing more than reconnaissance and would provide little to no information to our enemies.  But this is still rather frustrating because we should not let our enemies have any information on how we gather their information. It is concerning that we have become complacent with the small losses such as this one.  This will go unnoticed by many Americans.