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Rand Paul: Supreme Court Would Have to Decide Cruz's Eligibility

Over the weekend on CBS's "Face the Nation", Rand Paul sounded off on several issues including the current debate of Ted Cruz's eligibility to run for presidential office.


“The thing is, I think all experts agree that he was naturally born in Canada, and so the legal question is: can you be naturally born in Canada and also be considered a natural-born American citizen, and it hasn’t been decided,” Paul said.

"The eligibility for President is a constitutional eligibility, it's not statutory. I think it will be brought up.  I mean, Congressman Grayson from Florida is already saying that he's going to challenge it in court.  I think the democrats will challenge it at the very least and i think it will have to be decided by the Supreme Court at the very least."

"I think it will be extraordinary.  If he were the President, he would be the first President not born in the United States.," Paul reiterated.   

Ted Cruz officially renounced his dual Canadian citizenship in the summer of 2014 which some fellow GOP candidates have deemed unusual.   

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