Taya Kyle Questions Obama During Town Hall

Posted: Jan 08, 2016 11:15 AM

One of the more significant moments from Obama's town hall last night regarding gun control was when the wife of the late "American Sniper" Chris Kyle, Taya Kyle, pressed Obama on the fact that gun laws will not deter those who want to break the law. 

“The thing is that the laws that we create don’t stop these horrific things from happening, right? And that’s a very tough pill to swallow. We want to think we can make a law and people will follow it but by the very nature of their crime they are not following it," Kyle explained.  

“By the very nature of looking at the people who hurt our loved ones here, I don’t know any of them would have been stopped by the background check and yet, I crave that desire for hope, too.  And so I think part of it we have to recognize that we cannot outlaw murder because the people who are murdering, right, they’re breaking the law but they also don’t have a moral code that we have. And so they could do the same amount of damage with a pipe bomb, the problem is they want to murder.”

Obama replied with his typical excuse that he is not targeting law-abiding citizens, but those who already have a criminal past, or those who are deemed to have mental health problems.