Seized ISIS Weapons Lab Video

Posted: Jan 06, 2016 1:15 PM

In a report released by Sky News, confiscated video from ISIS shows engineers and scientists making sophisticated weapons, such as surface-to-air missiles and driverless car bombs designed for use on commercial aircraft and European cities. 

Western weapons experts were caught off guard when they saw the video from the "jihadi university" in Raqqa, Syria.  

ISIS has removed the steering columns from cars in order to implant remote control devices that steer the car along with remote acceleration and braking.   

They have created self-regulated thermostats for mannequins to drive the robotic cars filled with explosives. 

This proves that ISIS may not be as amateur as some believe.

Crucially, it is far more developed than had previously been thought possible.

Groups of trainees from a range of countries including Syria, Iraq, Sudan, Somalia, Tunisia, Egypt and Pakistan were given terror training courses using science labs and facilities based around the former Equestrian Centre in Raqqa.

ISIS continues to expand its endeavors in many different arenas, and the fact that they're producing remote car bombs and heat-seeking rockets is not that surprising to anyone with common sense.