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As Obama Cries at the White House, US Special Ops are Trapped in Afghanistan

In the town of Marjah, Afghanistan, near the Helmand Province, as many as 20 US Army special forces soldiers are trapped inside of a compound.  Surrounded by the Taliban and other Islamic terrorists, one soldier was killed and others were wounded.  


Apparently, there has been some sort of evacuation for the dead and wounded, but there are still others on the ground engaged in combat.  One HH-60 helicopter was grounded due to damage and two others were sent to help with the rescue.  

Meanwhile, at the White House, Obama was crying during his address to the public regarding his executive action on gun control today.  When is the last time Obama cried when addressing dead service members or the wounded.  

There has been air support for the trapped soldiers but there are still active firefights near the compound.  

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