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Self Defense Expert Teaches People Defense from an Active Shooter

“Keep their heads deep in the lower back, and they move.”

This is one of the self defense methods that marital arts expert Chan Lee teaches his students at JK Lee’s Black Belt Academy in Wisconsin.


Mr. Lee was involved in a dangerous shooting event at Mayfair Mall five years ago. “Once I saw that, I was like ‘oh man, we need to have some safety plans for our members,” he said.

With all due respect to Mr. Lee and his honest efforts to help people in times of crisis, I was raised to think differently. From an age not far from when I had the cognitive ability to remember, my granddad taught me his own method of self-defense. I was introduced to a device called a .44 Magnum and learned the effects it could have on the body of an active shooter. Although my granddad’s method of self defense is fading quickly from our society, I will stick with it until the end.  

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