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BLM Activist Who Became Mayor in Georgia Is Arrested

Fox 5

Khalid Kamau, the mayor of South Fulton, Georgia, was arrested on burglary and trespassing charges after entering private property Saturday morning, according to WSBTV. Kamau was a BLM activist before becoming mayor of South Fulton, which is located just outside Atlanta.


WSBTV says the police report notes the homeowner of a lake house got a notification early in the morning that someone had entered his property and entered the home. The homeowner said he got his truck and called the police. Once arriving to the house, Kamau exited and became agitated when the homeowner told him to stay where he was.

In response to being yelled at a second time, the homeowner said in the report Kamau yelled back, "Do you know who the f**k I am? I’m the Mayor, and I’ll wait for my police to get here and see what happens then." When police arrived on the scene, they confirmed the man was the mayor.

Kamau told police he wanted to look at the home to buy but admitted he knew he was trespassing.

When taken into custody and questioned by local media, Kamau said he was sorry for what he did.

"I hope that the spotlight that is on our city right now will highlight some of the inequities that have been happening," he added.

When asked if he was guilty of the charges, he replied, "I think that's for the voters to decide." 


His biography on the city's website boasts how Kamau is "America's first #BlackLivesMatter organizer elected to public office" who is "leading a generation of young activists from protests to politics."

The bio goes on to tout the numerous national media outlets he has been featured in, such as CBS, the Nation, and Jacobin:

With a population that is 92 percent African-American, South Fulton, Georgia is now the blackest big city in America. khalid is a mission to make America's Blackest City Black. On Purpose — which means a city that is not just unapologetic about its demographics, but moving on purpose to be a laboratory for economic, housing and restorative justice policies aimed at improving the lives of African Americans...A college-educated, community activist and Southern, Black, Christian Socialist, — Mayor khalid brings a unique blend of professionalism, passion, and authenticity to government.

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