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Maryland's Governor Had Poor Choice of Words While Discussing 'Book Bans'


Maryland Governor Wes Moore (D) condemned so-called racist book bans being pushed by conservatives across the country and used words that touch on another hot-button issue that Republicans are trying to prevent. 


"I want to ask you about book bans. A lot of the focus has been on African-American history and literature. Why do you think this has become a passion project of some conservatives?" MSNBC host Jen Psaki asked.

“I continue hearing people making the argument that we are doing it because we want to prevent our students from having discomfort or guilt because we don’t want our students to able to really wrestle with these really difficult things in times when they are maturing as individuals, and difficult historical points. But the thing I realize, and I wanted to speak out about it, is that’s actually not true. It’s a guise," Moore said, then adding, "It’s not about making kids feel uncomfortable. It’s about telling other kids that they shouldn’t understand their own power. It’s castrating them."


It's ironic to hear a Democrat to be concerned about children being figuratively castrated when it is his party leading the charge in castrating children under the guise of "gender affirming care." Moore recently signed an executive order to "to protect gender affirming health care in Maryland."

It is also worth noting part of the source of the complaints of "banning African American history" come from when Florida banned black queer theory and advocation of abolishing prisons from the state's AP African American Studies courses.


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