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Gun Control Activists Finally Admit What the Movement Really Wants

One gun control activist who took part in a protest at the Colorado Capitol on Monday made it clear what the protesters were calling for during their sit-in. 

Dr. Leah Fabiano, whose Twitter biography reads "Black Lives Matter. Living on stolen land. she/her/ella," wrote, "On the Colorado Capitol steps demanding a total gun ban and buy back." 

Fabiano also called for white women to show up to demand gun control legislation.

The gun control group Here 4 the Kids also posted a graphic calling for a ban on guns, not just AR-15s.

"Guns are the number one killer of children in America, and folks are saying it's radical to ban guns. No, it's actually radical that we've decided to live with this," Saira Rao, president and co-founder of Here 4 The Kids, told MSNBC's Joy Reid in late May.

It is a breath of fresh air to have gun control activists be honest with what they want. It is known they don't just want bans on "assault" rifles and certain types of accessories. The hardcore activists want a total ban, which would leave law-abiding citizens defenseless against the country's emboldened criminal element. 


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