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Watch How Canadian Mayor Reacts After Questioned About Public Safety Hypocrisy


The mayor of Calgary refused to answer a question about how Canadians in her city can trust her about public safety when she has previously attempted to defund the Calgary police department.


"Just a handful of months ago you were fighting tooth and nail against increasing the police budget and you were actively supporting defund the police rhetoric. I’m just wondering when you realized that police forces were not optional? Did it take the random stabbings, police officers getting killed to realize it was important to fund police departments?” journalist Keean Bexte asked.

"How can Calgarians trust you when you flip flop on basic issues like public safety?" he added.

Jyoti Gondek paused for a moment before walking away without answering.


True North reported that while she was still a Ward 3 Councillor in 2021, Gondek and eight other members of Calgary City Council voted to defund the Calgary Police Service by $20 million.

One Canadian journalist was outraged, not at Gondek, but Bexte for asking the question because he is "not a journalist."

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