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AP Photo/Christian Chavez, File

If you were to tell me that one of the consequences of GOP governors from border states sending buses of processed and released migrants who illegally crossed the southern border would end up with Canada telling New York City to stop sending people, I would laugh – not because I would not believe it, but because it perfectly illustrates how shallow virtue signaling is.

The New York Post reports that the province of Quebec has told New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) to stop providing migrants bus tickets to the Canadian border.

"Any form of assistance to migrants crossing the border where it is strictly forbidden to do so should stop immediately," a spokesperson for Quebec Premier Francois Legault said. "We understand that the situation of migrants in New York poses major challenges, but the situation in Quebec and particularly in Montreal is even worse and constitutes an important humanitarian issue." 

Up to 250 migrants use the Roxham Road border crossing to illegally enter Canada every day, with nearly all of them going to Montreal, causing a strain on city services, Legault spokesperson Ewan Sauves explained. Adams has long been complaining that the influx of people coming from the U.S.-Mexico border who end up in New York City has caused city resources to be stretched thin.

Despite their city feeling the effects of the U.S. border crisis, the Québec solidaire Party says Canada must accept people coming illegally into the country.

"An all-inclusive is a place where we go to crash on the beach drinking margaritas. The people who enter Quebec to apply for asylum are people who are fleeing violence, exploitation, persecution. They are not people who want to take it easy," said party co-spokesperson Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois. "These comparisons have no place."

It's nice to know progressive delusion is not just a thing that happens in the United States. The Canadians could very well take steps to prevent people from illegally entering their country to prevent services from being overburdened, but their virtue signaling won't allow them to do that. Even if it takes away from Canadian citizens, the rainbow and unicorn ideas must take priority.

This is where compassion meets reality. Yes, a lot of people coming to the States, and now Canada, are looking for a better life, but it cannot be at the expense of our countrymen. The U.S. border towns and cities have been struggling because of the influx for two years now, with no end in sight. This is a problem that can be largely solved if President Joe Biden, or his handlers, actually cared to fix it.


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