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Joe Scarborough Upset 'Freaks' Made Fun of Him About Wanting a Fourth Booster


MSNBC host Joe Scarborough complained on-air during Wednesday's episode of "Morning Joe" about people making fun of him for stating he should have gotten a fourth booster since he got sick with COVID-19 late last year.


Scarborough was mocked online for the statement since the vaccine was supposed to prevent infection when it does not and carries a number of potential serious side effects. 

"I felt really sorry for anti vaxxers and their children when they were left-wing freaks. And I feel really sorry for anti vaxxers and their children now that they’re right-wing freaks," Scarborough said, adding, "They’re ignoring science.”

"These freaks spread misinformation, on Twitter, on Facebook. And here’s the thing, they’re so rabid and so inspired by people like MTG that they actually celebrated Damar Hamlin almost dying, and they created — they politicized the event. And now some of these freaks are actually saying that he’s a body double, that he actually died, that this is somehow some conspiracy that he’s dead, but the more Hamlin figure that we’re seeing is a body double," he continued.

"You know, yesterday when I was talking about getting COVID, and I should have gotten a fourth booster shot. A lot of these freaks were, ‘Oh, fourth booster shot, robot.’ No, listen, here’s the deal, moron. If you get a flu shot, what do you do? Do you go to the doctor? 'Oh my god, you want me to have a 50th flu shot?' No. You get a flu shot every year," Scarborough said.


He went on to say that since the shot works for only for a limited time, it is necessary to keep getting COVID vaccinations. 

"So yes, yes. Put on your big boy pants. Put on your big girl pants. And if you want to be healthy, I don’t care if you don’t that’s your business, smoke cigarettes, do whatever you want to do, stay up all night, don’t sleep. That’s fine. Be unhealthy. Your choice."

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