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MSNBC host Joe Scarborough said on Tuesday he regrets not getting a fourth COVID-19 booster because he felt really sick after recently contracting the virus.

Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski were discussing how the FDA is considering classifying the COVID-19 vaccine to be similar to annual flu shots.


"You know, it’s interesting, I had not gotten my COVID booster...The fourth. Because, you know, we went to London, then got COVID, got completely knocked down for awhile," Scarborough explained.

Brzezinski, who is married to Scarborough, insisted he was down for the count for months after getting sick.

"But again, we found out that boosters, the vaccines, they don’t stop the disease, but they certainly do make a big impact. Instead of me being down for a month with fatigue, if I had taken the booster, I would have probably sneezed, said, ‘What was that?’ and kept going," he said.

"That’s the difference. So I love when people go, ‘Oh, it doesn’t make any difference because you still get COVID.’ No, that’s not the purpose of it. That’s never been the purpose of the flu shot. It’s so — it builds up your resistance, just like actually getting COVID builds up your resistance," Scarborough continued.


"So do yourself a favor, right, and get off the websites that Chinese religious cults are putting as a front so they can get a stronghold in America and in your mind, and get yourself a booster shot," he concluded.

The COVID-19 vaccine was advertised for months by the government and medical companies as being effective at preventing the inoculated from being sick or spreading the virus. It was not true and they have since shifted goal posts by saying it only makes you less sick. 

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