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Dan Crenshaw Loses Bid to Lead Top House Committee

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik, Pool

Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) had been vying to led the House Committee on Homeland Security for months and it was all for naught as Rep. Mark Green (R-TN) will be the chairman.


Green is an Army Ranger veteran who deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan, with his last assignment being a flight surgeon with the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (Airborne), a special operations unit known as the Night Stalkers.

Prior to the midterms, Politico reported they obtained a QR code image Crenshaw was sharing that led to a video where he made his pitch to members about why he should be the chairman of the committee. There was a strong emphasis on the crisis at the U.S-Mexico border.

During the Speaker of the House race last week, Crenshaw made headlines for rabidly going after the 20 representatives who would not vote for Kevin McCarthy unless certain demands were met, going as far as calling them "terrorists." He at first doubled down after widespread criticism, telling Fox News host Tucker Carlson to, "Unclutch your pearls." Crenshaw later explained his comments were a "turn of phrase" in an interview with CNN.


"I’ve got pretty thick skin. I’m called awful, vile things by the very same wing of the party that I was fighting at that moment," he said. "So, I was a little taken aback by the sensitivity of it. But to the extent that I have colleagues that were offended by it, I sincerely apologize to them. I don’t want them to think I actually believe they’re terrorists."

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