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Townhall Media/Julio Rosas

The Heritage Foundation's Oversight Project published a new report detailing how non-governmental organizations (NGOs) have facilitated the last leg of travel for illegal immigrants once they reach the United States, which has only increased during the Biden administration's border crisis.


The Oversight Project was able to compile the report by sampling approximately 30,000 unique and anonymized mobile devices that were geofenced to a number of these NGOs along the border. Illegal immigrants hand themselves over to Border Patrol to be processed and then released if Title 42 does not apply to their nationality, though the public health order is scheduled to end on December 21. Device pings were captured throughout the month of January 2022, in four different phases: 

  • Phase One involved “geofencing” the physical locations of the Val Verde Border Humanitarian Center and the Del Rio Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Station—around 400 devices pinged on premises. 

  • Phase Two of the investigation involved the geofencing of 20 NGO facilities in border states—around 22,000 devices pinged on premises. 

  • Phase Three involved geofencing 13 NGO locations located in close physical proximity to the border—around 5,000 devices pinged on premises. 

  • Phase Four of the investigation focused on geofencing Catholic Charities of the Rio Grande Valley, located in San Juan, Texas—around 3,400 devices pinged on premises.


In Phase 2, over 22,000 devices were traced to 431 separate U.S. congressional districts out of a total 435 congressional districts. Of the 52 congressional districts with the highest density of devices, 71 percent were Republican congressional districts, according to the report. 

Of the 5,000 devices captured in Phase 3, they were later traced to all but one congressional district, and of the 3,400 captured in Phase 4—all at just one NGO location—those phones later pinged in 433 of 435 congressional districts. The maps in the report show popular destinations include the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Orlando.

“The investigation confirmed that a host of NGOs are actively facilitating the Biden border crisis. Overflow from Customs and Border Protection is being transferred to these organizations so that Border Patrol avoids overcrowded facilities. These organizations apply for, and receive, taxpayer money to provide processing and transportation services and infrastructure to facilitate the migration of illegal aliens into the interior of the country.” 

“Our investigation is the first ever to document the physical movement of illegal aliens into the interior of the country. What we uncovered is a mass resettlement program in which the Biden administration works hand-in-hand with NGOs. It affects the entirety of the United States. Every fire dies out unless someone fans the flames. Now we know the Biden administration has help in keeping the flames at the border burning," said Mike Howell, director of the Oversight Project.


The pipeline has had no shortage of people as there have been almost three million illegal immigrant encounters along the U.S.-Mexico border in the previous fiscal year. While the Oversight Project was able to track the devices due to the migrants having turned themselves in to law enforcement, there have been hundreds of thousands more "gotaways" in fiscal year 2022.

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