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AP Photo/Rebecca Blackwell

Border state Governors Greg Abbott and Doug Ducey have been accused by Democrats of human trafficking for their program of busing migrants to various sanctuary cities in an effort to ease the burden on their border towns.

Those baseless accusations of human trafficking have reached a fever pitch after Florida Governor Ron DeSantis' office chartered flights of migrants to be sent to a liberal haven, Martha's Vineyard. Around 50 people were sent to the island this week and it brought the issue of the ongoing border crisis back into full view because now liberal havens are having to deal with the influx.

There have been reports of migrants telling reporters and volunteers they do not know where they are, fueling accusations of not just human trafficking but also kidnapping. While migrants may not know the exact location of their temporary site, it appears they were made aware they would be going to the northeast via pamphlets.

More to the point, this is far from human trafficking, which is funny in a jaded way, as liberals and progressives all of a sudden care about the plight of the migrants when they have been happy to ignore the border crisis. It's only human trafficking when people show up in their fancy backyards. 

One of the reasons why the federal government should discourage illegal immigration, the opposite of the Biden administration's approach, is so that people do not put their lives in the hands of real human smuggling organizations and drug cartels, who have no regard for their safety. The actual human smuggling organizations in Central America do not care whether someone lives or dies along the way because there are thousands of more people waiting to take and pay for their spot.

Even for the ones who make it alive to the U.S.-Mexico border, they very likely would have been raped or physically hurt by the time they get there. That's, of course, if they weren't kidnapped along the way to be extorted for more money. Nearly every time migrants try to avoid paying smugglers, it usually does not end well. Should they be spared the man-made horrors, the migrants still have to deal with the natural elements. Where before first responders in Eagle Pass, Texas, maybe found a drowned migrant every once in a while, now they're pulling bodies out of the Rio Grande on a daily basis.

That is a reality for the people trying to illegally enter the country, motivated more than ever now that Joe Biden is in office. What red state governors are doing to people willingly taking their offers of free transportation is a far cry from the tragic cases of human trafficking.


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