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New Yorkers Who Want a Concealed Carry Permit Could Get a Visit From the Police

AP Photo/Brittainy Newman

New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) said residents who are wanting to obtain a concealed carry permit may face tough scrutiny through the process, such as police officers going to the homes of applicants.


New York is reeling from the Supreme Court recently ruling there is a constitutional right to carry a gun outside the home, getting rid of "may issue" statutes that required applicants to provide a reason to exercise their right to self-defense.

"Because we want to make sure that again, we stay within the boundaries of the ruling, and it is really almost kind of a common sense basically analysis. If someone is spewing hate, if someone is making dangerous threats, if someone is part of some form of hate group, the police officer, or the detective, or the investigator is going to use their investigatory skills of determining if there is something that is a red flag there. And it is really about using the good old-fashioned methods of doing the investigation," Adams explained to MSNBC on Thursday.

"And it is really about using the good old-fashioned methods of doing the investigation. When I became a police officer, people knocked on my neighbor’s doors and interviewed them and asked what type of person am I, and I think those are the same skills that is going to be used to look at not only social media, but also knocking on neighbor’s doors, speaking to people, finding out who this individual is, and that we’re about to allow to carry a firearm in our city," he continued.


Permit holders will also not be allowed to carry their firearms in certain areas of the city, such as Times Square. Signs have been posted around the area declaring it to be a "Gun Free Zone." 

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