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BLM Protesters Harass Woman Because Police Killed the Man Who Shot into Her Home

AP Photo/Markus Schreiber

Black Lives Matter protesters were caught on video badgering a woman who was the victim of a gunman shooting into her Minneapolis home, where her two children were inside, resulting in a six-hour standoff with city police officers. Despite police attempts to deescalate the situation, officers shot the gunman.


The protesters were rallying in honor of Tekle Sundberg, a black male, because they accused Minneapolis police of escalating the incident while he was suffering from a mental health episode. Police did attempt to establish contact with Sundberg, along with allowing his parents to try to contact him.

Arabella Yarbrough admonished the protesters because she said Sundberg was trying to kill her and her black children.

"You guys are celebrating his life!" Yarbrough yelled at the crowd. "Let it go! Grief in silence! This is not ok! This is not a George Floyd situation!"

Yarbrough added her children now have trauma and said that the bullet holes Sundberg made are still in her home. After she shared that detail, one protester said, "Not in you though!"

"You're alive! Shut up!" one protester replied. "You're alive!"

Another protester lamented Yarbrough screaming at them for honoring the gunman is what is going to make the news.

"You're f**king alive!" people continued to shout at Yarbrough.


A GoFundMe was set up for Yarbrough as, according to the page when it was created, she was unable to gather her things since her home is now a crime scene. A GoFundMe was also created for Sundberg's family.

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