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Fox News/Screenshot

The Blaze host Jason Whitlock gave his thoughts on Juneteenth recently becoming a federal holiday as the country continues to experience racial divisions that do not seem to be getting better.


Fox News Tucker Carlson said most Americans would support a holiday that celebrates emancipation from slavery, but that does not seem to be the purpose of federalizing Juneteenth.

"Let's just be all the way honest, this is George Floyd Day. Juneteenth would not be a national holiday if not for George Floyd. So that’s what this is really about, is more about racial division. Look, I’m like you the Emancipation Proclamation, obviously being an African American, huge day," Whitlock said.

"The entire year of 1865 should be celebrated, America we dedicate itself to its best ideals men, Union soldiers, made enormous sacrifices for their belief in equality and the freedom of other men who didn’t look like them. That is all very worthy of being celebrated with, but that's not what we're doing with Juneteenth," he continued.

 "We obviously know that it's byproduct of a summer of riots in 2020 over George Floyd’s tragic death but I don’t want to celebrate George Floyd. I feel sorry for George Floyd. He is a victim of his own mistakes and the mistakes of Derek Chauvin but he is not worthy of celebration, he is not worthy of a national holiday in his memory," Whitlock added.


Whitlock said the racial divisions being used to mark the Juneteenth has turned the holiday into a "joke," giving the example of the mayor of New Orleans unveiling an Afro pick with a BLM fist at the top to mark the occasion. 

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