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Former Minister of Truth Blames Disinformation for Pushing Her Out of DHS


The former head of the Department of Homeland Security's Disinformation Governance Board blamed the spread of "disinformation" about the project and herself as the reason why it is on "pause" and she left the agency.


Nina Jankowicz is now on a media tour defending the Disinformation Governance Board and herself after her previous comments about a variety of topics called into question whether she was the impartial director DHS was making her out to be.

Jankowicz maintains the mission of the board was simply to internally coordinate within DHS to "fight disinformation" and not to police speech.

"This absolutely could and should have been communicated better. I wanted it to be communicated better. But the reality is that the type of disinformation that DHS is charged with combatting or addressing is stuff that keeps Americans safe and secure...And unfortunately and ironically we were undone by a disinformation campaign coming from folks who apparently want to put their national security bind their personal and political ambitions," she told CNN on Thursday.


Jankowicz continued to blame the rollout of the announcement of the board as to why its mission was susceptible to "disinformation."

"And we created, unintentionally, an information vacuum that was filled the falsehoods and frankly directed a lot of vitriol and digging into my own personal life that I think was entirely disproportionate to the amount of power that I had at the department," she said.

Jankowicz resigned from her position within DHS this week, three weeks after she revealed her job at the department. She again stated she and her family have faced death threats during those three weeks.

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