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The Mexican border city of Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, was rocked with another bout of violence by cartels last week after the leader of the Northeast Cartel was arrested by Mexican authorities. Nuevo Laredo is located right across Laredo, Texas, and is a major commercial trade hub for the U.S. and Mexico. 

Juan Gerardo Treviño Chávez, known as "El Huevo" or "The Egg," led the Northeast Cartel, Cartel del Noreste in Spanish, an offshoot of the infamous and feared Los Zetas. The cartel has major control of Nuevo Laredo, a hotly contested area because of its many traffic routes into America. Treviño is accused of "extortion and criminal association in Tamaulipas; homicide, kidnapping, and terrorism charges in Coahuila; and 11 counts in the U.S., including drug trafficking and money laundering." A U.S. citizen, Treviño was rapidly extradited into America. 

In a response that has become the norm whenever a top leader within a Mexican cartel is captured, the Northeast Cartel fought Mexican military and law enforcement across the city, with other cartels reportedly taking part in the fighting to take territory from the now weakened Northeast Cartel. The attacks included heavy gunfire and setting large commercial trucks on fire to create roadblocks. 

The U.S. consulate in the city, which was also attacked, issued an alert for all U.S. citizens in the area to stay away from Nuevo Laredo or shelter in place. 

Order was eventually restored and Mexican special forces have been deployed to Nuevo Laredo. All of this took place within a stone's throw from Laredo. It can't be understated that a full-out battle took place in a major city right across from the U.S. because of the Mexican government's efforts, for whatever it's worth, to take down the drug cartels. It also can't be understated the cartels are in a much stronger position due to the massive increased cash flow from trafficking fentanyl and illegal immigrants, who are having an easier time crossing into our country thanks to the Biden administration.

While the cartels will sadly hold a lot of power in Mexico because of the money made in the drug and illegal immigrant trade, it doesn't mean the U.S. government should make it easier for them to make that money. When it comes to facilitating illegal border crossings, the Biden administration has done just that through its open border policies and padding the pockets of the cartels who in turn reinvest that cash to carry out their illicit activities. As the saying we have in the Marine Corps goes, "Sh** rolls downhill." 

It's not just Americans who suffer from this vicious cycle, it's also Mexican citizens and their American relatives who want regular lives. Many have told me in my time covering the border crisis they have stopped going into Mexico border towns due to safety concerns. The Biden Border Crisis will continue to make things worse as long as this administration stays on the path it has put both countries on.


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