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Arizona Border Patrol Agents Find Migrant Baby That Appeared to Have Been Abandoned

Obtained by Townhall

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) revealed on Sunday a Border Patrol agent in the Tucson Sector found a migrant baby in the desert that appeared to have been abandoned on February 16th.


CBP said the agent found the child alone and "wrapped in camouflage, tucked under a bush, and appeared to have been abandoned on the Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument" with no visible injuries. Border Patrol agents had intercepted a group of illegal immigrants prior to finding the baby and questioned those in the group if the baby belonged to anyone:

"After questioning of the group, a woman claimed to be the mother of the infant.  The mother, a Guatemalan national, had been apprehended approximately 38 minutes prior and did not inform agents about her infant.   

At the Ajo Border Patrol station, a medical assessment was performed by contract medical personnel on the infant and mother, both were deemed to be healthy.  The mother was questioned and explained that another individual in the group was carrying the infant at her request, and it was determined the mother did not intentionally place the child in danger.   The mother and infant were processed under Title 42 guidelines and were expelled to Mexico through the Lukeville, Arizona Port of Entry."


The Tucson Sector has seen heavy activity in recent weeks as groups of illegal immigrants cross into the U.S. and hand themselves over to Border Patrol.

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